Having degree and a career in accounting, I tried Pole Dance in 2011 and that’s when I realised that I had found my passion and would refuse to quit as I progressed in my training. Within these 10 years I have managed to :

  •  Win the first place twice in the competitions back in Russia, one of which was Exotic Pole Dance;
  • Take part in more than 6 professional competitions, including Miss UK;
  • Obtain a training certificate for all levels of difficulty from Russian Pole Dance Association;
  • Obtain a training certificate from one of the most successful Pole Dance Studios in Russia (“My Pole Space” Studio);
  • Get 5 years of training experience and become a professional Pole Dance and Exotic Pole Dance instructor.

Using my own personal experience as an example, I’d like to show everyone who has any doubts, that it’s never too late for them to try, even if they don’t have any relevant training for this or any other sport altogether. I would like to encourage everyone who always wanted but hesitated to give it a go, because the only thing you need to do is to make the first step. Regardless of your background or career – you can rely on me to provide you with all the necessary  training required to safely master this skill.

Veronica Cebotari


Veronica Cebotari
Director & Owner
Senior Instructor

Teaching since 2015
Pole Dancing since 2011

First aid trained & certified

Miss Pole Dance Uk, Exotic Pole Dance Russia, Pole Dance Art Russian. 

Trained  at Trash Studio, St. Petersburg, Russia.  

  • Qualified Pole Dance Instructor by The Russian Federation of Pole Dance (RFPD).

  • Qualified Pole Fitness Instructor

  • PDC Approved and Fully Insured


Marine aka Nanar Jinx
Studio Manager
Pole Dance, Contemporary & Exotic Pole

Teaching since 2017
Pole Dancing since 2013

First aid trained & certified

Trained in Contemporary and Modern-jazz dances as a kid, I started pole dancing in 2013. I immediately fell in love with this sport which combines strength, flexibility and grace. I love the way it makes you challenge yourself, the feeling of flying and defying gravity.
I always try to enrich my dance and classes by experimenting with different styles, either in pole tricks or choreographies.

I aim to offer my students, not only a dance class, but a place to discover and express themselves, to have fun and to grow more confident!

Exotic Pole & Pole Dance

Teaching since 2022
Pole dancing since 2016

First aid trained & certified

I started dancing at age 5, a mix of ballet, modern jazz, hip hop and swing. 
I was taught in Sydney, Australia where I grew up and where the focus was on spinning pole. Moving to London, I discovered more Pole styles and has since fallen in love with Exotic dance. 

My main aim for my students in each class is to have fun! 
It’s a time to block out everything else and just feel good. I believe feeling good comes from letting your mind go and allowing your body to take over. It comes from hard work, dedication and small steps of progress. 
Lastly, it also comes from a good sweaty physical workout!

Pole Dance, Contemporary & Exotic Pole

Teaching since 2023
Pole dancing since 2019

First aid trained & certified

I have loved dancing for as long as I can remember. It fascinates me how dance can express thoughts and emotions, tell stories and show the beauty and strength of the human body. 

I was trained in contemporary dance and ballet. When I discovered pole dance, I realised it combined all the things I loved! The expressiveness and the tricks, the plastics and the strength. I felt hooked and curious of what I can do – and I still feel this way! 

I believe with pole dancing, you set off on the most exciting journey of self exploration: day after day you’re finding new things your body can do and getting more and more confidence. This is something you wouldn’t want to give up!

Exotic Pole & Pole Dance

Teaching since 2017
Pole dancing since 2012

First aid trained & certified

Graduated from Ivanovo State University in Physical fitness and Sports technologies

Certified to teach pole dance, stretching and choreography, I participated in several Pole Dance competitions such as POSA Federation (3rd place in Saint-Petersburg 2019), Pole Art (1st place, professionals), or Pole Dance Style championship, (Saint-Petersburg in 2016 and 2021).

The most important thing for me is to see my students happy when achieving their goals and discovering their new abilities. I care about everyone in my class and always pay special attention to safety and techniques.

Pole Dance & Contemporary Pole

Teaching since 2022
Pole Dancing since 2020

First aid trained & certified

I started pole dancing as a way to combine my recently discovered love of movement through climbing and 8 years of dancing.

I also started pole at a later age, and have absolutely loved letting my body prove what it can do. I’m happiest upside down and spinning, and love the meditative aspect of focusing only on how I’m moving. No matter how busy my head is going into a pole session, I always leave feeling grounded (if bruised).

Pole dance for me is a beautiful way for people to inhabit their body and the space they’re in.

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