INTERMEDIATE Exotic Pole Dance

Intermediate, Advanced

In Intermediate Exotic you will learn a routine to a song, using the pole to work on your dance technique while following the music’s accented tempo changes.

Intermediate Exotic isn’t a pole tricks class, but it features its own type of tricks, such as jumps, flips, power spins.

In Intermediate Exotic you will work on your posture while dancing around the pole, using your shoes’ platforms and your back and arm strength to improve your lines and heelwork, refining your transitions and your movement’s quality.

This class requires more advanced strength, stamina and flexibility, and we would recommend trying it after having mastered Exotic Basic classes.

Please wear heels with a platform, and kneepads. Leggings are also allowed.

Exotic Basic Pole Dance

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Exotic basic is a choreography-based class in which you will learn a step-by-step routine to a song.
This class is ideal if you’ve never danced in heels before, or if you’re looking to improve your heel technique with a challenging but accessible choreography.

No previous dance experience is required, although we would recommend to try at least a couple of Beginner / Never Tried classes before joining Exotic if you’re completely new to pole dancing.

In Exotic Basic, you will learn how to use your heels and your platform to transition and move around the pole, using moves that do not require advanced strength or flexibility.
The class will focus on spins around the pole, floorwork, fan kicks, leg waves and body waves.

It’s the perfect class to improve your confidence and have
fun while having a dance and building up your stamina.

Pole Dance & Spinning Pole

Beginner, Intermediate

This class will help you build on what you learnt in Beginners / Never Tried, putting moves together in combos and improving your static and spinning pole technique.

Beginner / Intermediate is appropriate for people who are already able to invert / straddle. Moves we work on include: handspring, brass monkey, aerial inverts, Jamila, Jade, Janeiro and a variety of pole splits.

We also work on improving transitions from one move to the next, and on increasing your strength and stamina.

If your technique and strength are more advanced than the moves mentioned, in this class your instructor will challenge you with more technical moves.

Please wear shorts and a top, and do not moisturise on the day you come to class

Pole Dance Never tried & Beginners

Beginner, Intermediate

If you have never tried pole dancing before or have taken just a few classes, this is the lesson for you.

Beginner/ Never Tried will help you build your strength and stamina to start your pole dancing journey.
In this class you will learn to pirouettes, and to do walks and spins around the pole.

You will also learn to climb up the pole, and do tricks using the pole starting from the floor, without jumping. You will become familiar with tricks on both a static and a spinning pole, and you will learn to put basic pole dance tricks together in a combo.
We recommend taking this class until you’ve mastered moves such as the invert / straddle, and then you will be able to progress into Beginner /Intermediate.
Please wear shorts and a tank top/ sports bra, and do not moisturise on the day you come to class.

POLE Contemporary

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

An all-level dance class based on learning step-by-step choreography mixing pole dance, floorwork and contemporary dance.

This class will help you build on your strength and stamina, featuring spins around the pole and movement on the floor. Here, you will focus on musicality – i.e. matching your moves to the music – flow and dance techniques linking movements on and off the pole in order to create artistic routines.

Leggings, kneepads and socks are recommended.

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