Exotica Studio's Pole Dance Discovery course

Discover pole dance with our special course designed for absolute beginners!

Tired of your same old workout routine?

What about shaking it up?

You want to start Pole Dance but have no prior experience or athletic background? You feel a little intimidated coming to a regular class and would prefer to start with other absolute beginners? Our Discovery Course is for you!

With a duration of 6 weeks, this course is specifically designed for people who would like to discover Pole Dance.

You can pick between two programs (either 1 or 2 classes a week) and will be able to start learning the fundamentals of Pole Dance in a relaxed environment with same-minded people.

The content of the course is steadily progressive to optimise your progression and help you gain confidence and achieve your goals.

2 programs and offers to suit your aspirations, profile and schedule:

The "Weekender" course


1 class per week on Saturday afternoons, for those who wants to discover pole dance in a relaxed environment.

The "Intensive" course


2 classes a week on Tuesday and Friday evenings, for those who want to push themselves and achieve their goals at a quicker pace.

Benefit our special offers with preferential fares (15£ per class):

  • No prior experience in pole dance, dance or any sports required.
  • Both courses will have a 6 weeks duration and are designed to optimise your progression on the pole.
  • During the class, you will share the pole with an other student (2 persons by pole), learn how to spot one another and train safely.
  • All students who complete the program will be provided a “Pole dance beginner level 1” certification.
  • The Discovery Course session for April will follow the “Intensive” program only, and starts on Friday the 14th.

Spots are limited for both courses, so we recommend you to not wait too long to register!