Exotica’s 2nd Showcase 13th April 2019

Over the past year, Exotica’s poledancers – men and women of all ages, levels and styles – have made amazing progress: in addition to making friends, getting stronger, more flexy and fitter, Exotica’s classes have seen students go from barely being able to walk around a pole to learning handsprings, shouldermounts, and everything in between – even putting together combos and routines.

Demonstrating artistic, gymnastic and acrobatic skills along the way, our poledancers have learnt about the versatility of poledance and have made amazing progress – and so we want to do a little something to recognise their accomplishments!

To celebrate this year’s achievements – both big and small – all are cordially invited to attend Exotica’s second showcase on April the 13th at 7pm!

As well as performances from our four seasoned and talented instructors, Exotica will be hosting a series of routines from students. 

With a DJ for the night, a professional photographer and drinks and food provided for just £22 a ticket, Exotica’s second showcase promises to be a night to remember – don’t miss it!